Nothing is more important for the overall look and feel of your natural wood floors than the environment that they reside in. It is important to maintain a relative humidity level of 30% to 50% year-round. To achieve this you will typically need to add moisture to your living space during cold/dry weather and remove it during hot/humid weather. A hygrometer must be used to monitor the air in your home and can be purchase at any home building store. Not maintaining proper humidify levels will void your warranty.



  • Vacuum or sweep your floor using a "dry" mop cloth to remove any particles that could scratch your floor. Warning: Vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush can damage a wood floor and should never be used.


  • Apply the hard surface cleaner directly to the mop cloth until damp.


  • Use a back and forth motion with the mop. When the microfiber mop becomes soiled, replace it with a clean one. Cleaning the floor with a soiled cover mop could cause streaking.


It is important to understand that wood is a natural product and natural products are not perfect. The individual boards will shrink and expand seasonally. This movement is normal and will over time lead to gaps between the boards. The use of mats in high traffic areas is highly recommended.

  • Countersink and fill all nail holes.
  • Vacuum or sweep regularly.
  • Remove spills promptly using a clean, dry cloth and clean residue with a hard surface cleaning and white microfiber cloth.
  • Use felt protectors under heavy pieces of furniture and chairs.
  • Use protective mats at all exterior entrances.
  • Spike heels or shoes in need of repair can severely damage your floors.
  • Never wet or damp mop your wood floors. Water can cause damage to wood flooring.
  • Never use oil soaps, wax, liquid, or other household products to clean your floor.
  • The sun's UV rays can change the colour of your floor.
  • Keep animals' nails trimmed.
  • Protect your floor when using a dolly for moving furniture and appliances. Never slide or roll heavy items across the floor.
  • If your floor becomes scratched or dull, repairs can often be made using repair accessories.
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