Choosing Your Cork Flooring

Cork is one of the most beautiful and green flooring materials on the market today. Its textured surface is both natural and comfortable making it the perfect flooring for areas where you’re on your feet, like the kitchen. Cork flooring is also durable, it resists most scuffs and stains, and its patterns disguise indents. Adding to the benefits, it also reduces noise and is warm to the touch meaning it’s great for basement installs as well. With new hardwood and tile visuals, you can have the look of your dream hardwood with all the benefits of a Cork floor.

Cork planks & tiles offer all the benefits of a cork floor including durability, thermal and acoustic insulation and hypoallergenic properties in an easy to install plank or tile format. Cork planks and tiles offer the beauty of natural cork and the ability to create an installation unique to your home. You may choose to install cork over radiant heat or in any pattern including herringbone or chevron!