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Enhance privacy, light control, and aesthetics with our stylish window coverings.


Stylish Solutions for Every Window

At Westboro Flooring, we offer a diverse range of window coverings to enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Serving Ottawa and Kingston since 1962, we provide expert advice and professional installations. Our window solutions ensure privacy, light control, and style.

Product Types


Functional Elegance, Light Control

Blinds offer versatile solutions for privacy, light control, and energy efficiency while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

  • Provides excellent light control and privacy
  • Helps with energy efficiency and UV protection
  • Available in a wide range of styles and materials
  • Easy to maintain and clean


Sophisticated Style, Added Comfort

Drapery adds elegance and sophistication to any room, offering additional benefits like insulation and sound dampening.

  • Customizable to match any decor
  • Offers insulation and noise reduction
  • Available in various fabrics, colors, and patterns
  • Enhances the overall aesthetic of your space

Home Automation

Modern Convenience, Seamless Integration

Integrate your window coverings into your home automation system for ultimate convenience and control.

  • Motorized blinds and draperies for ease of use
  • Compatible with various home automation systems
  • Programmable to operate on a schedule
  • Enhances energy efficiency and security

Custom Bedding & Upholstery

Personalized Comfort, Unique Design

Custom bedding and upholstery provide tailored solutions to enhance the comfort and style of any room in your home.

  • Customizable to fit your specific needs and style
  • High-quality fabrics and materials
  • Adds a personal touch to your home decor
  • Perfect for reupholstering furniture or creating custom pieces

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